Trenton Dane Randall

LPL Financial Advisor


Phone: 859-369-3757





In 2007, I started my financial advisory career with Morgan Stanley.  I then moved on to National City now currently PNC Investments. In 2010, I transitioned into an investment firm in Lexington, KY where I worked and managed offices in both Lexington and Richmond, KY. By 2015 until present, I took off on my own and started my company, Personal Investment Solutions, LLC.  I figured my clients would appreciate not having to pay for all the overhead, the corner office, three-piece suits, multiple staff members and I was right.

When I started Personal Investment Solutions, LLC., my philosophy became to reduce investment costs for my clients while giving them a personal portfolio according to what they wanted to accomplish.  I do not do “cookie cutter” portfolios.  I give each of my clients what they ask for while advising them how to better grow their investments.  The better their investments perform, the better I am.  If they take a loss, so do I.

With giving each of my clients the great personal service I thrive to deliver, my business has grown only through word-of-mouth advertising.  No one could get to me unless you knew someone who knew me.  I have clients all over the US whom several I've never met face-to-face, but I speak to them regularly via phone.  I am creating this website to be used as a tool for my clients, and if I pick up a few more clients, then that's a bonus.

On a personal level

I am a Georgia Southern University alumnus and played football while I attended there.  I was recruited by the GA Southern rugby team my senior year and then ended up playing for the Atlanta Renegades Rugby Club.  I then pursued a rugby career and had the wonderful opportunity to play all over the world, including a 2-year span in Australia.

After being settled in my career, I met and I married my wonderful wife, Tonya.  She's been an RN for better than 20 years and loves working with horses.  I have a step daughter, Shelby, who just graduated with a business/marketing degree and a step son, Gabe, who is still a high school student who enjoys fishing, horseback riding, and rugby club.  We are happy at our small farm in Perryville, KY managing quarter horses and cattle as our hobby.